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06/06/2020 16:35:02

France, Nancy

Jmi wrote :

A gem, nothing,to add.
I have been roaming the web for such an application, very handy, very precisely designed, highly recommended for casual as well as pro users, thanks a lot Pierre for this beautiful piece of hard work !!!
No need to tell, I adopted it for my daily developper job.

27/04/2020 14:32:03

Toulouse, France

Laurent wrote :

Chalk is a wonderful application. I use it every day. Very convenient.
Many thanks to Pierre who is very fast to take into account modifications / improvements suggestions.

21/03/2020 23:00:55

Santa Barbara, CA USA

Deborah wrote :

Chalk is wonderful. Thank you, Pierre!

30/08/2019 18:55:25


Clark Dunson wrote :

Hello Pierre;
My new company won't buy me Matlab, so I'm with Chalk. Love it.

25/04/2018 15:31:40


Martin wrote :

Love Chalk, it is the desktop calculator I have been looking for!

20/03/2018 21:12:58

San Francisco, CA

Pratik wrote :

Thanks for your hard work!

08/02/2018 22:02:50

Utilisateur wrote :

Ça marche plutôt très bien !

27/04/2017 7:04:42


Jeff wrote :

Pierre, this is very impressive.

14/04/2017 4:11:15

USA, Boston

Prashant wrote :

Chalk is a great interface! I love that it can handle complex numbers and graphs

29/07/2013 23:24:22

France, Burgundy

Pierre Chatelier wrote :

Livre d'or ouvert !
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