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ShapeOnYou 1.5.6

ShapeOnYou is a little application that can display and animate different vectorial 3D shapes. It is useful to illustrate documents and is designed to easily drag'n drop the results in other applications (like Keynote, OmniGraffle 4) where you would like to use 3D shapes. It is even better if these application support LinkBack : supporting LinkBack means that you can update the image by modifying it in ShapeOnYou, and the modification will take place in the document of the other application.

ShapeOnYou features:

  • full vectorial graphics to make images smoothly resizable
  • the ability to build parametrized animations that can be exported to QuickTime movies
  • an elegant and intuitive interface, with an inspector in the iWork style
  • smart 3D rendering with detection of hidden edges, shadows, shading
  • a large set of basic and complex shapes (cube, cylinder, torus, Möbius ring, blob...)
  • the ability to customize existing shapes with some distortions (thinning, bending...)
  • the ability to create your own extruded shapes
  • numerous export formats : PDF, EPS, SVG, VRML, X3D, TIFF, PNG, JPEG
  • Linkback support

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Download the latest version

icône ShapeOnYou
MacOS X Universal logo

NB : ShapeOnYou is Universal Binary, but I use this logo illegaly since I did not ask a license to apple. That's too much trouble for such a freeware. I just use the logo for the user's convenience.

ShapeOnYou 1.5.6 (12th february 2013)
ShapeOnYou-1.5.6.dmg (1.5 MB)

What's new ?

  • fixed compatibility with Mac OS 10.7.

Older versions

ShapeOnYou 1.5.5 (27th june 2008)
ShapeOnYou-1.5.5.dmg (2.2 MB)

  • fixed a bug when reading back extrusion length from a file.

ShapeOnYou 1.5.4 (24th june 2008)
ShapeOnYou-1.5.4.dmg (2.2 MB)

  • extrusion length can now be set;
  • automatic check of new versions could not really be disabled.

ShapeOnYou 1.5.3 (9th may 2008)
ShapeOnYou-1.5.3.dmg (2.3 MB)

  • fixed compatibility with MacOS 10.5 Leopard;
  • fixed a localization bug about the decimal point when fields are filled with 0.

ShapeOnYou 1.5.2 (16th may 2006)
Version Tiger (MacOS 10.4) : ShapeOnYou-1.5.2.dmg (2.3 MB)

  • fixed a bug related to the availability of the menu items "Copy" and "Paste";
  • added "New from Clipboard" menu item;
  • the animation criteria were not translated in english;
  • German translation by Apfel+Z

ShapeOnYou 1.5.1 (2nd may 2006)
Version Tiger (MacOS 10.4) : ShapeOnYou-1.5.1.dmg (1.7 MB)

  • fixed a bug related to faces filling : priority is no more given to vertices when pointing something to fill;
  • fixed a bug related to individual faces and vertices colors when creating a new document : they were not reset.

ShapeOnYou 1.5.0 (19th april 2006)
Version Tiger (MacOS 10.4) : ShapeOnYou-1.5.0.dmg (1.7 MB)

  • added the ability the create free shapes (by extrusion or revolution of 2D shapes);
  • added blob shape;
  • added EPS export;
  • added "Copy as" menu item;
  • more intuitive behaviour of the software on several points.

ShapeOnYou 1.4.3 (4th april 2006)
Version Tiger (MacOS 10.4) : ShapeOnYou-1.4.3.dmg (1.4 MB)

  • fixed an english localization bug: the "ring" shape was not reachable.

ShapeOnYou 1.4.2 (4th april 2006)
Version Tiger (MacOS 10.4) : ShapeOnYou-1.4.2.dmg (1.4 MB)

  • inspectors reordering in a unique window;
  • added "ring" shape.

ShapeOnYou 1.4.1 (29th march 2006)
Version Tiger (MacOS 10.4) : ShapeOnYou-1.4.1.dmg (1.3 MB)

  • the "discrete disc" shape doesn't disappear any more when resolution2 is 0. As a consequence, it is now possible do draw more shapes (pentagon, hexagon, heptagon...);
  • the vertices of "discrete disc" are now rotated with an additional π/2 to give to the shape or more intuitive orientation;
  • fixed a bounding box problem.

ShapeOnYou 1.4.0 (17th february 2006)
Version Tiger (MacOS 10.4) : ShapeOnYou-1.4.0.dmg (1.3 MB)

  • the mouse wheel now makes the shape rotate;
  • the color of vertices can now be set individually;
  • the faces can be filled with a gradient according to the color of the vertices. Caution : if you do not use "uniform" faces colors in the <Faces> inspector, ShapeOnYou will export bitmap and not vectorial images. There is a technical limitation when creating PDF that I still do not know how to bypass. Neither is the gradient reproduced in SVG files.
  • fixed a bug : the state of the vertices was not registered in the exported file.

ShapeOnYou 1.3.0 (2nd february 2006)
Version Tiger (MacOS 10.4) : ShapeOnYou-1.3.0.dmg (1.3 MB)

  • added VRML and X3D export;
  • added a color picker;
  • fixed a bug that could prevent ShapeOnYou files to get a nice default icon;
  • previous individual face colors are now re-used when creating a new document.

ShapeOnYou 1.2.0 (29th january 2006)
Version Tiger (MacOS 10.4) : ShapeOnYou-1.2.0.dmg (1.3 MB)

  • fixed bug of generated movies that could not be reopened since they were referencing a temporary file;
  • changed the file format of the movies to reduce their size;
  • added SVG export;
  • added Shading inspector;
  • added torus and Möbius strip shapes;
  • added animation criteria in Animation inspector;
  • fixed bug : problem with localization of decimal separator;
  • fixed bug : exported images are not truncated any more around corners;
  • fixed bug : axes labels are kept when drag'n dropping.

ShapeOnYou 1.1.0 (16th january 2006)
Version Tiger (MacOS 10.4) : ShapeOnYou-1.1.0.dmg (1.2 MB)

  • new file format to save ShapeOnYou documents;
  • new inspector to customize the vertices;
  • new inspector to create animations;
  • export allowed in the <File> menu;
  • bug fixes.

ShapeOnYou 1.0.0 (4th january 2006)
Version Tiger (MacOS 10.4) : ShapeOnYou-1.0.0.dmg (976 KB)

  • First public release.