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This page provides acces to beta versions of LaTeXiT.
For you, it is a way to quickly get next versions, test new features, and benefit from fixes for the bugs you suffer the most.
For me, it is a way to let the software be largely tested regarding the robustness of the major modifications, before being publicy released.



LaTeXiT 2.9.0 beta 4 :

Do not forget to backup your history/library before using a beta version.

  • Try to use a clever file name when dropping a file to the Finder.
  • Export SVG as string when the target application is not able to display SVG.
  • Any occurrence of %__TEXTCOLOR__ in the preamble will be replaced by the currently selected text color, to circumvent the problem of packages that override the previous settings.
  • More clever background coloring of icon of equations created in the Finder, when the "automatically contrasted background" is enabled.

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